• Welcome to XF2 Addons. You can buy my Premium membership for $35 per year, and this gives you access to download any or ALL of the 335 add-ons that I have developed for Xenforo 2.x. In addition, Premium members will get technical support. Once the Premium membership has expired you can continue to use the installed addons on your forum as long as you like.

About us

All the add-ons available for download in the Resources area have been created to work with the latest version of XenForo 2.x forum software (aka XF2).

The author of these add-ons is Andy Bajka and I'm also known by my username AndyB on the XenForo.com website.

My interest in forums started in 2002 when I started South Bay Riders.

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/andybajka