KnownHost VPS

Bought 2 servers on the advice of Andy, thank you :)

One for just my large football forum and the other for 10 smallish WordPress sites, saving money at the same time, so far it has been amazingly brilliant support, most I think I have waited was 16mins, that's what we need and want from a host, and they are very accommodating and will give you all kinds of advice.

Stupidly never read this post properly and named the servers with domain names I did not own, haha, schoolboy error, every day a school day.

And since I had 2 nameservers with 2 servers, make sure you do not do as I did and put the wrong details into your registrar LOL.

I am blaming adding 6 domains the days before lol and not remembering what nameserver I was adding lol.

Was wondering why the site was not getting found, was a sweaty brow moment, haha, then I twigged and checked and corrected, and on she came leaping like a salmon out a Scottish river :cool::ROFLMAO:💪