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Admin notes

Admin notes 1.8

No permission to download
So happy to have found this addon.

Very helpful when there are multiple admins.

BUT I find the most useful part of this addon is the ability to add html links for the oh-so-many addons that require adding a string to your boards url in order to use them, such as "deletepostsguests" or "deletepostsbanned".

I have found if you use the simple html link tag : <a href=""></a>,
in the note, that you don't have to add the full board url to the link, just that addon string.

<a href="addon-string-here">addon-string-here</a>

When the link is followed from the admin notes it expands out to the full url and is easy-peasy to use.

Great for those of us not able to recall all the ins and outs of all the addon we use :P

Thanks for the addon!
Having an idea but can't do it right now, mybe a TO DO List, or for somebody who forgot easy (most of us)... very usefull addon.
One of my most-used add-ons. Thanks @Andy !!!
Thank you... I really missed this from vBulletin, glad to have it back.
Works great. I am absent minded and find this VERY useful!
Useful for this forgetful minded person. lol