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Ban thread

Ban thread 2.0

No permission to download
Ban thread v2.0 changes.

Added Base URL filed to options page.
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Ban thread v1.9 changes:

Updated PHP code so that 'setIsAutomated' code is correctly placed.
Ban thread v1.8 changes:

Fixed issue when member's ban end date is never.
Ban thread v1.7 changes:

Ban threads are now started by staff member which issued the ban.
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Ban thread v1.6 changes:

Fixed issue with multiple bans and thread titles.
Ban thread v1.5 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Ban thread v1.4 changes:

If Destination forum in the options page has not been selected, there is now an informative server error log message.
Ban thread v1.3 changes:

Added new option to the Options page dealing with absolute and relative URLs.
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Ban thread v1.2 changes:

Fix incorrectly referenced variable.
Ban thread v1.1 changes:

Updated the link code in the PHP file.