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Best answered

Best answered 1.5

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Allows selecting the best answered reply in a thread.

This add-on is designed to allow either the thread starter or staff to select the best answered reply. Visitors will be able to quickly find the very best answer in the thread.

(Example of Best answered message in thread view)

(Example of Options page)

(Example of User group permissions)

  • All phrases start with bestanswered_ for your convenience.
  1. Download Andy-BestAnswered-1.5.zip and unzip it.
  2. Copy the src/addons/Andy/BestAnswered directory to your server.
  3. From the Admin Control Panel Install the add-on.
  1. Go to Options page and select forums to include.
  2. Go to the User group permissions and set these permissions.

    Administrative -> Add remove all -> Yes
    Moderating -> Add remove all -> Yes
    Registered -> Add remove own -> Yes
    Registered -> View -> Yes
    Unregistered / Unconfirmed -> View -> Yes
Database modifications:

This add-on will add a new column called andy_best_answered to the xf_thread table in your database.
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