Change limit

Change limit 2.1

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Change limit v2.1 changes:

Now compatible with PHP 7.4.
Change limit v2.0 changes:

Now uses date selector for easier date selection.
Change limit v1.9 changes:

Fixed issue with user group permissions variable name.
Change limit v1.8 changes:

Updated setup to use schema manager.
Change limit v1.7 changes:

Updated view variable.
Change limit v1.6 changes:

Fixed incorrectly referenced Options variable.
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Change limit v1.5 changes:

Removed support for legacy upgrade.
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Change limit v1.4 changes:

Updated error message if incorrect date is entered.
Change limit v1.3 changes:

Renamed table to xf_andy_change_limit.

Please uninstall any previous version before copying the Andy/ChangeLimit folder to the server.
Change limit v1.2 changes:

Added Notes field to the Options page.