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Delete users

Delete users 1.9

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Delete users v1.9 changes:

Check for active user upgrade or expired user upgrade and prevent deletion even if other criterias are met.
Delete users v1.8 changes:

Now checks if XenForo Resource Manager and or XenForo Media Gallery are installed.
Delete users v1.7 changes:

Fixed issue where server error occurred if selecting Media content when XenForo Media Gallery is not enabled.
Delete users v1.6 changes:

Added media gallery content check in options page.
Delete users v1.5 changes:

Added option to prevent deleting user if given a resource review.
Delete users v1.4 changes:

Now allows for less than 5 conversation messages to be included in selection criteria.
Delete users v1.3 changes:

User must now also have zero conversations in order to meet criteria for automatic deletion.
Delete user v1.2 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Delete users v1.1 changes:

Added code to prevent staff from ever being deleted, even those that are inactive and have 0 posts.
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