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First post email

First post email 1.9

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Compatible XF 2.x versions: 2.2

Sends email to staff when a member makes their first post.

This add-on is useful for two reasons:
  • Members are far more likely to become regular posters if they are replied to quickly to their first post.
  • Verify the first post is not a spammer.
(Example email)


(Example of Options page)


  • All phrases start with firstpostemail_ for your convenience.
Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I use the Count messages posted in this forum toward user total option in forums?
A: No.
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Latest updates

  1. See description

    First post email v1.9 changes: Now compatible with XF 2.2 and newer.
  2. See description

    First post email v1.8 changes: Email now properly shows attachments.
  3. See description

    First post email v1.7 changes: Fixed issue with message_count.

Latest reviews

Works perfect, very helpful, possibility to choose distinct forums only.
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