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Forum moderators

Forum moderators 2.2

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Forum moderators v2.2 changes:

Changed variable name to improve add-on compatibility.
Forum moderators v2.1 changes:

Forum moderators now displayed in block.
Forum moderators v2.0 changes:

Fixed issue with function call being previously declared.
Forum moderators v1.9 changes:

Now supports showing moderators to Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group.
Forum moderators v1.8 changes:

Updated template modification to fix issue with line break option.
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Forum moderators v1.7 changes:

Added option "Add new line" to options page. Also fixed issue with text color.
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Forum moderators v1.6 changes:

Added code to bypass condition if variable is empty.
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Forum moderators v1.5 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Options page updated to allow selecting usernames.
Forum moderators v1.4 changes:

Requires XF v2.1 or newer.
Forum moderators v1.3 changes:

Removed unused template code.
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