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Works great, and as intended. Steady stream of improvements is helpful.
Great add-on but would like the links to not show the TAG. The TAG can remain in the URL but not show in the link text user's see in posts.
Nice add-on, would like it to show guest activity.
I love it! This should be a core-feature.
I give full 5 Stars if this feature have a Button near
"Log Off!" or so, in the ACP :)
its Great add-on. thank you Andy!
Simple yet useful. It helps me adding a <title>Site Name</title> tag on forum main page without digging into the actually codes. Thanks!
It helps visualize the IP address of every post at a glance rather than clicking the IP link. Good job.
One of my most-used add-ons. Thanks @Andy !!!
Super add-on Andy.
It's another handy add-on. The idea is created from a user's perspective. Nice.
This add-on really makes a difference. Thanks.
Great! Needed this so much :)
This is really handy - saves lots of space on the forum.

If there any chance this could have a conversation to jpg all feature added?