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Latest reviews

That is fantastic! For our site which deals with sensitive subjects it will save lives! Thank you so much Andy!
Less is more! No need for all the status updates and profile postings... I think this feature was added by XF with the idea of emulating Facebook. XF should probably support this at the core. Another great AndyB addon!
Exactly what I needed to modify some old threads SERPs. I have a number of threads where first 160 characters of a first post is not representative of the thread content. Now I will be able to change the title and description manually, to better present the thread in Google's results.

With a special permission you can actually see meta tags displayed in content, which helps a lot.
Great missing feature.
Thanks a lot to Andy.
simple and fast application, PERFECT
Perfect. We were seeing an increase in spamming and trolling on one particular forum. This is exactly what we needed.