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Latest reviews

Works great! Awesome tool!
An excellent addition to XF that our community has enjoyed!
Our board requires all members to have a public profile so this is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is a phenomenal addon that even allows me to set members back to default status.
Super handy for a busy forum like mine, staff tend to miss some reports when not online. Great work Andy!
Works simply and brilliantly !
An absolute stunner! I've installed many of AndyB's XF2 Addons so I knew it would work, but OMG! Not only three-letter words, but we've had some ONE-letter search terms turn up exactly relevant results. THIS is exactly what a search engine should be, and it was INSTANT. No wasting time crawling the database. It just worked, straight out of the box. Love love love it!
the fixer of all things Imgur.com , thanks.
Useful! I have around 20 years worth of old archived content that needed to be removed, this has done the job. I was able to remove 20,000 useless attachments.