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An improved version of the previous "bellow the first ad" addon. Works the same way but gives more options - great upgrade!
Very simple to use, yet fun plugin. Members loved it. Thanks!
Works well. It's quite handy for newbies and reduces double posting. I used this one on XF 1.0 and I'm thrilled Andy developed 2.0 version. Way to go!
Similar threads is one of those plugins which should be a core feature of Xenforo. Luckily we have people like Andy who provide excellent code for all of us. I previously used this one on XF 1.0 and I am so happy there's a 2.0 version. Thank you Andy for all the hard work.
Works exactly as described. Its rapid and a really useful addition
Used since XF1 and it works great!
Author is very responsive to questions!
Another neat add-on! This is going to be very helpful to my greenhouse forum members, not only to find info, but to eliminate redundant posts. And, with Andy's personalized help, I am learning all about stop words!
..very great Job, Thanks.
How many times have you read a particular post in a forum that you knew you'd want to refer back to at some point in the future, only to go crazy trying to find it again a few weeks or months down the road? Well, this neat little add-on eliminates that by allowing you to easily bookmark those kinds of posts and store them so you can easily find them later on. A+ on this one, Andy.
Installed this add-on last night. Easy installation and works well. It adds a nice touch to the top of the forum, and my members are going to really like this.
Useful for this forgetful minded person. lol