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Important tool for dealing with scammers. Be sure to warn users nothing is private on your site.
Very cool, another add-on I missed from VB, though I had made that one myself. May I suggest at some point adding an option for a minimum post count, below which no thread is made? The purpose is so members/moderators can be notified when long time members are banned. No one cares when the occasional spammer gets banned, no thread is needed if they have less than 10 posts for example.
Thank you... I really missed this from vBulletin, glad to have it back. I see this is currently implemented as a "product option" so may not be possible but if there was a way to kill HTML and have it display plain text that would likely serve the needs of those who use admin notes better.
Absolutely LOVE this add-on! Makes life sooo simple! I also like that Andy included the link to each add-on in the list, making it quick and easy to go back to the resource page on his forum if needed.
I really like this because it keeps emails looking like other forum emails. It's quick and easy to use.
For Rsvp in XF2 Addons
The new update that make the list of attendees collapsible is great. This makes tracking attendance so much easier than trying to wade through pages of responses to figure out who's in and who's out.
My members and I all love this! It is so annoying having attachments that display sideways. In the past, I could never fix it. This makes it incredibly easy and quick!
Great for quickly seeing the activity level on the forum and which users have been coming to the site.
Works great. I had 15 years of threads to go through. Andy was great about trouble shooting and making some changes to get this working really well.
Fantastic. I lost some threads after having to restore from a backup. I did not rebuild all the lost data, but this was great for the posts that I did recreate!
Fantastic. I lost some threads after having to restore from a backup. I did not rebuild all the lost data, but this was great for the posts that I did recreate!
An excellent add-on for my motorcycle forum to help users find rides and events to attend!
This SOOOO much better that standard built in queue.
Great for a quick at a glance look at activity on the site.
Works great. I am absent minded and find this VERY useful!
Love it. I used to always get questions about images from my users and now they enjoy being able to find the original post where the images were shared.
great add on
Brilliant, brought in a good few ££ for the server payments, thank you Andy
Wow!! What a DIFFERENCE this makes for our visitors!

After upgrading to XenForo v2.1 many of our visitors started complaining that the logon dialog/page could take as many as 20 second to display. That was insane! It turned out that XF v2.1 adds a 30,000+ common words dictionary to the logon page. It's nearly a megabyte! ... and it was badly clogging up our logon process.

This beautiful little AndyB AddOn restores our forum's previous fast login... which really matters! Thanks, Andy!!
Strong in its simplicity. Great addon with basic functionality. Some feature requests here and there, but Andy is always quick in response and really tries to move himself into your situation/request.