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People share links to point people at things they have found that other readers might find helpful. But these links often go out of date or even worse, the domain expires and gets taken over by something completely unrelated. This addon is great as it enables you to link to the content *as it was* when the person originally shared it.
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Excellent. This is an annoying but affecting not only Firefox but reportedly other browsers as well, at least Chrome.
Love this!
Thanks Andy!
Very useful! Thank you so much!
Could it be extended to other elements such as avatars, etc?
This should be included with Xenforo 2.

Great mod!
Thanks for you help with that Andy! Excellent add-on!
Excellent add-on! Very useful. Thanks Andy!
Excellent add-on! I was looking for this many years. Thanks Andy!
Excellent add-on! Thanks Andy!
Excellent add-on! Thanks Andy!
Excellent add-on! Thanks Andy!
Great add-on! Very nice not to have to mouse around other areas!
Very useful add on. I had a moderator who was silently editing members posts which didn't sit well with the members.
Works like a charm! Thanks!
Simple to install, effective and a real time saver.
Very nice, simple to use, like all of Andy's add-ons. Installed flawlessly, works and looks great across all styles.
Very nice little addon that makes a huge difference, especially in a busy thread.