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I disabled it in xf1.5 and here goes for 2.1
So easy to use and point blank on point.
Simple and very useful addon that shows users that others also reacted to the post. This is just the kind of addon you go to this site to find.
Fantastic feature that should be included with XF, IMO. This will prevent the same post from being reported by 40 people. Andy is always finding great features to improve XF.
Simple and works as expected
For Rsvp in XF2 Addons
I love it! Was searching for just something like that and totally missed this add on until now. :O
Essential IMO.
Change author solves a problem for me. Very easy to use.
This was really helpful to me. We had an old forum that couldn't be imported and we wanted to manually bring over some important old threads. This allowed us to give them the original post date. Very easy to use.
This is extremely useful and easy to use. You can customize the footer too.
I reject accounts based on the inflammatory usernames, and I need this so they can re-register again with same email. Thanks Andy.