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Latest reviews

As always, a fantastic plugin to remove some of the default XenForo clutter (which there really should be an option to disable in the ACP right out of the box).
Ad manager works really well with Google Ad Sense. Andy helps with problems immediately, which makes the AddOn even more valuable ;).
Very functional and easy to use. Thanks.
This is easily one of my most used mods. People upload huge images b/c they just upload from their phones and I cut them all in half (or more) with this. Just a couple of clicks. Save a lot of server space.
Very easy and works great.
Still the best map addon for XF2!
A brilliant add-on, just when you thought Andy's work couldn't get any better, it does :)
This is an absolutely outstanding add-on and I'm so pleased to be using it. It's replaced another type we had, which was glitchy and had several bugs. If you want members to have profile cover photos, plus a page then of latest covers; this is for you.
It's clean, images are neat & tidy, it's easy to use and works perfectly.
A great add-on!