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Indispensable add-on for forward dating admin post or changing thread starter. Now even better with current time shortcut.
This is just great. Ability to search resources on resource index page is just perfect! Thank you, Andy!
Great addon and works well.
It would be really great if one could also filter on conversation title (additionally to user or alone)
Perfect would be a combination to also filter/search conversation content.
Great addon @Andy can not have enough of you addons.
That was fast! I asked about Recurring last night, and already added! Love the fast service.
Thank you, this is a much needed add-on.
I was looking something like that in order to see new members summary. Many thanks.
Brilliant plugin.
This plugin is very nice. Andy solves all possible problems and is constantly up to date.
Love this addon works great. it would be nice if I could select a thread prefix also in options. Thank you ! Great addon.