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Resize 2.1

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Easily resize any attached image in a post or conversation.

(Example of Resize link)


(Example of Resize page)


(Example of User group permissions)


  • PNG images are converted to JPG.
  • All phrases start with resize_ for your convenience.
  1. Download Andy-Resize-2.1.zip and unzip it.
  2. Copy the src/addons/Andy/Resize directory to your server.
  3. From the Admin Control Panel Install the add-on.
Questions and Answers:

Q: Is the original attachment overwritten?
A: Yes.

Q: Should I allow Registered user group to use this feature?
A: No. I suggest only the Administrator be allowed to use this feature.
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Latest updates

  1. See description

    Resize v2.1 changes: Fixed resize function when using in conversation and Imagick PECL is enabled.
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    Resize v2.0 changes: Fixed issue when Imagemagick PECL extension is not selected and image to...
  3. See description

    Resize v1.9 changes: No longer requires a specific image handler. File system operations now...

Latest reviews

Very functional and easy to use. Thanks.
This is easily one of my most used mods. People upload huge images b/c they just upload from their phones and I cut them all in half (or more) with this. Just a couple of clicks. Save a lot of server space.
Used in conjunction with Rotate 1.2 this gives the Admin server side control over uploaded images