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RSS feed

RSS feed 2.6

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RSS feed v2.6 changes:

Improved ability to read RSS feeds. Added user_agent information.
RSS feed v2.5 changes:

Now supports feeds which use content:encoded data.
RSS feed v2.4 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with zero length description and omitting the ellipsis.
RSS feed v2.3 changes:

Now also supports atom+xml format.
RSS feed v2.2 changes:

Added check for PHP function which is required for the add-on to operate.
RSS feed v2.1 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
RSS feed v2.0 changes:

Title option now supports HTML.
RSS feed v1.9 changes:

Remove content tag as it was causing server error logs.
RSS feed v1.8 changes:

Updated setup to use schema manager.
RSS feed v1.7 changes:

Added 'Link target' to options page.