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Similar threads

Similar threads 8.4

No permission to download
Similar threads v8.4 changes:

Fix issue relating to quick threads when not on the first page of forum view.
Similar threads v8.3 changes:

Now honors "View threads by others" permission.
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Similar threads v8.2 changes:

Fixed issue with Enhanced search and node view permissions.
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Similar threads v8.1 changes:

Improved Template modification in regards to thread creation.
Similar threads v8.0 changes:

Added Error log to options page.
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Similar threads v7.9 changes:

Removed similar threads results scroll bar, now shows fixed results. If you have a previous version of Similar threads installed, please adjust the Limit setting in the Options page, default should be 5. Removed support for XF 2.1.
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Similar threads v7.8 changes:

Now works with MySQL 8.0 and newer.
Similar threads v7.7 changes:

Fixed issue where emoticons in the thread title caused a server error.
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Similar threads v7.6 changes:

Added title to similar threads results block.
Similar threads v7.5 changes:

Now works with XF 2.1 and 2.2. Added support for iOS pasting title.
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