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  1. Andy

    Attachment editor 1.0

    Description: Allows rotating, resizing and adding a border to attachments. (Example of Attachment editor link) (Example of Attachment editor page) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: Attachment editor link will be shown in post and conversation...
  2. Andy

    Resize - See description

    Resize v2.4 changes: Now possible to only add a border without resizing.
  3. Andy

    Resize - See description

    Resize v2.3 changes: Added checkbox for border. Also added 1600px resize option.
  4. Andy

    Post links - See description

    Post links v1.7 changes: Fixed template code issue.
  5. Andy

    Resize - See description

    Resize v2.2 changes: Added option to add a border to all resized attachments.
  6. Andy

    Print friendly - See description

    Print friendly v1.2 changes: Fixed issue with small attachments. Also fixed issue with editing the andy_print_friendly.less template.
  7. Andy

    Members map - See description

    Members map v2.0 changes: Added Ipapi key to options page. The Ipapi key is an optional field and is only required if your Members map will have more than 1000 members.
  8. Andy

    Upgrade check 1.0

    Description: Allows checking user upgrades using a CSV file as input. This add-on can be used to check if paid club members from a WordPress or similar site are in sync with your forum information. (Example of Options page) (Example of Upgrade check page) Features: All phrases start...
  9. Andy

    Print friendly - See description

    Print friendly v1.1 changes: Added Print button to print friendly page.
  10. Andy

    SoundCloud 1.0

    Description: Updates the SoundCloud BB code media site to show the smaller player. (Example of default SoundCloud player) (Example of small SoundCloud player) How to update with small SoundCloud media player: Navigate to the following page: Admin control panel -> Content -> BB code...
  11. Andy


    I was helping another admin just now and GoDaddy threw this error within 1 minute.
  12. Andy

    First post - See description

    First post v1.2 changes: Added code to make more compatible with other add-ons.
  13. Andy

    Contact us manager - See description

    Contact us manager v1.3 changes: Added Link to country codes to options page.
  14. Andy


    The Ultimate plan is $12.99 a month, but only gives 1GB of RAM. Expect to see this error even on forums with very little traffic.
  15. Andy

    Rotate - See description

    Rotate v1.5 changes: No permission error is displayed if Unregistered / Unconfirmed is accidentally given permission to use.
  16. Andy

    Custom search - See description

    Custom search v1.2 changes: Now includes Results count information.
  17. Andy

    How to Install, Upgrade or Remove Elasticsearch on CentOS

    Elasticsearch version 8 and newer requires you to edit the followng configuration file: /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml The following "true" values need to be changed to "false" values: Your edit should look like this: After making the change you will need to restart elasticsearch...
  18. Andy

    Featured posts - See description

    Featured posts v2.3 changes: Updated code to prevent possible null condition error.
  19. Andy

    Print friendly 1.2

    Description: Provides print friendly page for posts, conversations and resource content. (Example of Print friendly link) (Example of print friendly page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: A template called andy_print_friendly.less can be edited should you want to change...
  20. Andy

    Sticky threads - See description

    Sticky threads v1.3 changes: Updated template modification. Now works correctly without requiring extra.less code to be added.