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  1. J

    Addon idea: Raise limit of forum title

    In Xenforo 2 is a limit for the lenght of the forum titles from 50 characters. It would be great if a little addon could raise it to 100 characters.
  2. J

    Addon idea: Advanced statistics

    XF2 has built-in statistics. Unfortunately, this does not work correctly and outputs incorrect values. For example: If I get the weekly statistics in XF1 I get a value of 1118 new posts. In XF2 the value is 159.71, so it does not show me the value for the week but an average value per day...
  3. J

    Similar Thread 3.9 - "Show from new to old" as an option?

    Hello. We have installed this addon and make some tests. Would it be possible to get an option, that the results are shown by the newest posts? For example. I set the options for the addon to show 10 threads at maximum. I have a thread which is postet yesterday, but there are 10 other threads...
  4. J

    Staff activity - "Show all" did not show all entries

    Hello. We have installed "Staff activity" and its very nice. It works fine, but there's a little problem with a view. When i call "Show all" it shows only 7 entries. We use "user groups" and "secondary user groups". Your addon seems to show only entries of "secondary user groups". For example...