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    Reward for Great Post

    Our forum needs an add-on that allows us to single out and present an award to members who make particularly valuable posts. We want to acknowledge them with a micrometer (the symbol of machining), in their avatar, and by providing them with a "prize" similar to that given for blind posting on...
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    Error in ConvertImageAll

    /misc/ directory permission set at 755 (and also was 777). When I hit "Update Files", I get: ErrorException: [E_WARNING] touch(): Unable to create file /misc/convert_79284935 because Permission denied src/addons/Andy/ConvertImageAll/Pub/Controller/ConvertImageAll.php:329 Generated by: Hobby...
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    Addon needed--- Extend 50 char Node Title Length

    50 characters is not enough for node titles. It needs to be 100. There used to be an addon that did this- but it doesn't work in XF2. This is much needed,
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    Yet Another Header Thumbs Error

    {code] Server error log ErrorException: [E_WARNING] file_get_contents(internal_data/attachments/160/160002-49269538845f3cb2db460b07f5de3837.data): failed to open stream: No such file or directory src/addons/Andy/HeaderThumbs/XF/Cron/HeaderThumbs.php:142 Generated by: Unknown account Dec 12...
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    Change Limit Error

    ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined index: changeDateDateFormat src/addons/Andy/ChangeLimit/XF/Pub/Controller/Post.php:36 Generated by: terrywerm Nov 25, 2017 at 1:41 PM' Stack trace #0 src/addons/Andy/ChangeLimit/XF/Pub/Controller/Post.php(36): XF::handlePhpError(8, 'Undefined index...'...
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    Logon as user

    One of the most useful addons in version 1. Allowed us to logon as users to diagnose their problems getting onto and staying on the site. We never used it to spy on users, but only to solve their connection issues. It was very handy. Any chance that could be made?
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    Members recently online

    You have to give registered and guest groups permission, or it doesn't show. Seems not to be a way to limit it to Admin and premium groups.
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    Resize error generated

    Server error log ImagickException: Unable to set image alpha channel src/addons/Andy/Resize/XF/Pub/Controller/Post.php:217 Generated by: Alan H Nov 14, 2017 at 11:45 PM Stack trace #0 src/addons/Andy/Resize/XF/Pub/Controller/Post.php(217): Imagick->setimagealphachannel(11) #1...