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    You can purchase a Premium membership for only $35 per year, and this gives you access to download any or ALL of the over 400 add-ons developed for Xenforo 2.x. In addition, Premium members will get technical support. Once the Premium membership has expired you can continue to use the installed addons on your forum as long as you like.

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  1. rhody401

    What your $35.00 dollar Premium membership includes

    Agreed. I renewed again today. The best deal in town!
  2. rhody401

    Username match regular expression

    Ah thank you for explaining, and for all that you do! Mike
  3. rhody401

    Username match regular expression

    would A-Z also be needed, for uppercase?
  4. rhody401

    Google search console

  5. rhody401

    Use whole numbers instead of the K prefix

  6. rhody401


    I'd take it one further, and suggest not using ANY ISP that is owned by EIG They oversell, have a lot of downtime and performance issues, and have HORRIBLE foreign tech support. They bought out a previous ISP that I had (Hostgator), and it went downhill to the point where it was unusable. I...
  7. rhody401

    Max Image settting in config.php

    Wow this is life changing :) I always had to resize 4k smartphone pics myself, or the forums would reject them. Thanks for sharing
  8. rhody401

    Do your XF2 Addons support XenForo version 2.2.1

    Solution: You need a bigger smartphone? :)
  9. rhody401

    Amazon associate

    Ah that must be why they keep closing xenforo related accounts, like mine
  10. rhody401

    Ipstack - Get free API key

    It's a great tool. I hit about 12,000 lookups last month, but that was due to running the map multiple times. The end of the month map cron actually registers with them as the first of the month, possibly due to a time zone difference.
  11. rhody401

    What your $35.00 dollar Premium membership includes

    Andy's XF2 add-on suite membership is the single best investment a Xenforo administrator can make, IMO. It includes nearly 300 features for the administrator to choose from, and the technical support is fantastic. For the price, every administrator should have this excellent package of tools.
  12. rhody401

    Use full friendly URLs

    Great tip!