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  1. Andy

    Best answered - See description

    Best answered v1.7 changes: Fixed null condition error.
  2. Andy

    Amazon associate

    Amazon Associates -> Help -> Operating Agreement Source: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/agreement
  3. Andy

    RSS feed - See description

    RSS feed v3.1 changes: Now removes unwanted HTML tags from title.
  4. Andy


    https://www.ionos.com/ Cons: Does not offer cPanel.
  5. Andy

    Shop eBay - See description

    Shop eBay v1.2 changes: Updated template code.
  6. Andy

    Shop Amazon - See description

    Shop Amazon v1.4 changes: Updated template code.
  7. Andy

    Thread title manager - See description

    Thread title manager v2.0 changes: Added Date cutoff and Exclude forums to options page.
  8. Andy

    Open Graph

    This useful Facebook tool will help you troubleshoot Open Graph in Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
  9. Andy

    Open Graph

    Sharing a link on Facebook or Twitter where there isn't an image. By default XenForo will try to use your logo. However this is generally not desirable. So XenForo has a Style option specifically for Open Graph. Admin control panel -> Style properties -> Basic options -> Metadata logo URL I...
  10. Andy

    Open Graph

    Open Graph is used by Facebook and Twitter when you create a new post. When you paste a URL the Open Graph function will get the image from your forum. You can use this add-on to get the first embedded image from a thread: https://www.xf2addons.com/resources/open-graph-thread.725/ So if you...
  11. Andy

    Country log in check v1.0

    Country log in check v1.0 has been deleted. Please use Country access check v1.0 as it has the same function.
  12. Andy

    Country registration check v1.9

    Country registration check v1.9 has been deleted. Please use Country access check v1.0 as it has the same function.
  13. Andy

    Contact us manager v1.3

    Contact us manager v1.3 has been deleted. Please use Country access check v1.0 as it has the same function.
  14. Andy

    Open graph thread 1.0

    Description: Uses first attachment in threads for open graph. When creating a new post in Facebook or Twitter, the open graph function will use the first embedded attachment in your thread as the image for the new post. How to use: Copy thread URL from your forum. Now go to Facebook or...
  15. Andy

    Thread title manager - See description

    Thread title manager v1.9 changes: Added Maximum characters to options page.
  16. Andy

    Resource feed export - See description

    Resource feed export v1.2 changes: Added Exclude category ID to options page.
  17. Andy

    XenForo Cloud - File manager

    A few tips: 1. When using the File manager, you will be copying files from your computer to XenForo cloud directory. So if you're asked to copy files which are located in an add-on directory, you will want to unzip the downloaded add-on on your computer, then copy those files using the File...
  18. Andy

    Country access check 1.0

    Description: Blocks access to Contact us, Log in and Register pages from specified countries. (Example of options page) (Example of error message) (Example of Country access check page) Features: Uses ipapi.co for accurate country locations. All phrases start with countryaccesscheck_...
  19. Andy

    How to view access_log file

    These instructions assume you have cPanel The access_log file is located here: /var/log/apache2/access_log Follow these steps, substitute username for your cPanel username. 1. SSH in as root 2. cp /var/log/apache2/access_log /home/username/access_log 3. chown username:username...
  20. Andy

    Start conversation - See description

    Start conversation v1.8 changes: Added can view permission.