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  1. Andy

    How to create a favicon

    Another very good site for creating a favicon and other icons. https://realfavicongenerator.net/
  2. Andy

    Post notice all 1.0

    Description: Updates all posts which require a post notice. This add-on will check every post on your forum and if a domain is found which matches the options page, it will set a value in the post table so that a post notice will show when viewing a post. (Example of options page) (Example...
  3. Andy

    Post notice 1.0

    Description: Adds post notice when message contains specific domain. (Example of post notice) (Example of Options page) Features: Only shows post notice if domain is found in message body. All phrases start with postnotice_ for your convenience. Questions and answers: Q: How can I...
  4. Andy

    Auto delete conversations 1.0

    Description: Auto deletes conversations by date. (Example of Options page) Questions and Answers: Q: How are conversations selected? A: In the Options page by default any conversation which has a last message date older than 365 days will be selected for deletion. Q: When are...
  5. Andy

    How to install Elasticsearch 8.x

    In Enhanced search the Allocated memory is referring to segments.memory_in_bytes. From Bard: From Bard: From Bard:
  6. Andy

    Show map - See description

    Show map v1.8 changes: Updated phrases. Fixed URL link code. Updated template names and code.
  7. Andy

    Rotate - See description

    Rotate v1.8 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  8. Andy

    Resize - See description

    Resize v2.9 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  9. Andy

    Convert to jpg - See description

    Convert to jpg v2.0 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  10. Andy

    Border - See description

    Border v2.3 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  11. Andy

    Attachment editor - See description

    Attachment editor v1.7 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  12. Andy

    Attachment browser - See description

    Attachment browser v1.4 changes: Remove no longer used code in a template.
  13. Andy

    Google Maps JavaScript API

    To enable Geocoding API:
  14. Andy

    Create an ads.txt file for your site

    To get your publisher ID, log into AdSense account. The publisher ID is in the URL. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/12171612
  15. Andy

    DMARC information

    You can use this link to check if your DMARC record is valid. https://mxtoolbox.com/dmarc.aspx
  16. Andy

    Custom search - See description

    Custom search v1.3 changes: Now has Custom search input page. Added User group permissions.
  17. Andy

    Paid registrations - See description

    Paid registrations v1.1 changes: Added 'Currency symbol' and 'Whole numbers' to options page.
  18. Andy

    Email deliverability

    If you use Plesk, here's a link to help explain the DMAC, DKIM and SPF settings: https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/...DMARC-feature-to-check-incoming-mail-in-Plesk
  19. Andy

    Export thread - See description

    Export thread v1.4 changes: Added Export thread select page so that a Page and Per page can be set.
  20. Andy

    Enhanced search add-on

    Larger forums will need to use XenForo Enhanced Search for best results. When your forum has over 5M posts, the default search which uses MySQL will become very slow. To fix this issue you can install XenForo Enhanced Search. XenForo Enhanced Search uses the power of Elasticsearch. So in order...