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  1. Michael Carter

    Thread Icon as Images

    Hi Andy, Just a quick question regarding the thread Icon, I like the way you have created images to show instead of the tradition icon. Image below Is this achieved from one of the add-ons, if so, which one please. If not, is this something that you would be able to create an add on for ...
  2. Michael Carter

    Updating an Addon

    Hi Andy, I've installed a number of the addons, and noticed they have had updates on them, thanks for that. Always good to see add-ons being updated regularly. Do you have a link to any you have outlined how to update an add-on. I've tried it a couple of times, but i'm going in circles...
  3. Michael Carter

    Profile page 1.6 - all members or staff members

    Is this add-on adjustable so it is only applied to staff members of moderators or is it across the board on all profile pages regardless.