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  1. Andy

    Remove last edited - See description

    Remove last edited v1.4 changes: Updated to work with XenForo v2.1.2 or newer.
  2. Andy

    Editor config options - See description

    Editor config options v1.1 changes: Updated for use with XenForo v2.1.2 or newer.
  3. Andy

    Broken links - See description

    Broken links v1.3 changes: Added additional check to avoid server error log under certain conditions.
  4. Andy

    Redirect likes 1.0

    Description: Redirect likes to reactions. Fixes bingbot issue where Likes are being searched instead of Reactions. This add-on will redirect Likes to Reactions. Installation: Download Andy-RedirectLikes-1.0.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/RedirectLikes directory to your server...
  5. Andy

    Conversation manager 1.0

    Description: Nonstaff can only create new conversations with staff. This add-on is useful where you don't want to allow nonstaff members to start a conversation with other nonstaff members. (Example of error message) Features: All phrases start with conversationmanager_ for your...
  6. Andy

    Touch(): Unable to create file - error message

    If you get a server error which indicates: touch(): Unable to create file This means an add-on is trying to read a directory defined in the options page of the add-on which does not exist, or permissions are not set to 0755.
  7. Andy

    Convert image all - See description

    Convert image all v2.7 changes: Added Exclude domain to options page.
  8. Andy

    Registration check - See description

    Registration check v1.2 changes: Added check for proper IP address format.
  9. Andy

    Thread starter reply only - See description

    Thread starter reply only v1.4 changes: Added Secondary user groups to options page.
  10. Andy

    Warn thread - See description

    Warn thread v1.5 changes: Fixed issue with title variable.
  11. Andy

    Trader - See description

    Trader v2.3 changes: Now supports importing iTrader data.
  12. Andy

    Registration limit 1.0

    Description: Limits the number of new registration allowed within time frame set in the options page. (Example of Options page) (Example of Registration is closed message) Features: All phrases start with registrationlimit_ for your convenience. Installation: Download...
  13. Andy

    Add to Home Screen

    I use the following to create 16x16 standard favicon.ico. https://www.favicon-generator.org/ The standard 16x16 favicon.ico works very well in all situations and doesn't require any special template modifications. Just put the favicon.ico into your public_html directory.
  14. Andy

    Add to Home Screen

    On iPhone and iPad devices there's an option to "Add to Home Screen" in order to make a button which looks like an app. By default the button will be a screen print of the website. In order to specify an image you need to enter the link in the "Metadata Logo URL" as seen in the image: The...
  15. Andy

    Members map - See description

    Members map v1.4 changes: Added "Last activity days" to options page.
  16. Andy

    Meta title - See description

    Meta title v1.1 changes: Now correctly only changes meta title when viewing forum_list template.
  17. Andy

    Warn thread - See description

    Warn thread v1.4 changes: Warn thread now created by staff that issued the warning.
  18. Andy

    Member notes - See description

    Member notes v1.3 changes: Now support using BBCodes when editing the member notes.
  19. Andy

    Retina avatars

    If you have an Apple device with a Retina display, you can view higher resolution avatars. This requires the avatar to have been uploaded using the following dimensions: 384 x 384 at 72dpi This higher resolution avatar image will only be served if you have a Retina display, if you have a...
  20. Andy

    Resize - See description

    Resize v1.5 changes: Added option to resize by 50 percent.