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  1. Andy

    Quick search - See description

    Quick search v3.3 changes: Quick search input is disabled until document is ready.
  2. Andy

    Conversation search plus - See description

    Conversation search plus v2.3 changes: Fixed issue with showing the correct participants.
  3. Andy

    Similar threads - See description

    Similar threads v6.1 changes: Fixed issue with Elasticsearch 7.6.0 causing server error logs.
  4. Andy

    Deletion log check - See description

    Deletion log check v1.1 changes: Added ability to check for incorrect deletion log entries for both posts and threads.
  5. Andy

    Approval queue lite - See description

    Approval queue lite v1.3 changes: Updated code for use with XF v2.1.7 or newer.
  6. Andy

    Smilies default

    Most of the filenames for each smiley makes sense, but watch out for these which are named differently: :censored: = speechless.png
  7. Andy

    Smilies default

  8. Andy

    Post links - See description

    Post links v1.5 changes: Made link to Delete reports more descriptive.
  9. Andy

    Rotate - See description

    Rotate v1.4 changes: No longer requires a specific image handler. File system operations now using XenForo file functions.
  10. Andy

    Conversation search plus - See description

    Conversation search plus v2.2 changes: Added Review link to easily see latest conversation posts grouped by thread.
  11. Andy

    Show deleted - See description

    Show deleted v2.2 changes: Added Date to undelete by username function.
  12. Andy

    Latest posts live - suppressing refresh bars

    I found the Latest posts live add-on is really only useful on special forums where a contest of some sort is running. I suggest not using it unless you have a specific need like this.
  13. Andy

    Latest posts live - suppressing refresh bars

    Yes those bars are distracting. But there's no option in the add-on to disable.
  14. Andy

    Cache or store similar threads on large forum

    Virtually instant on any size forum.
  15. Andy

    Classified forums - See description

    Classified forums v1.2 changes: Added no image picture if thread has no first post image.
  16. Andy

    How to disable cPanel statistics

    After you click Save, be sure to wait a minute while cPanel updates your server. When completed you will see the following:
  17. Andy

    How to disable cPanel statistics

    If your server runs slowly in the early hours of the day, then the cause might be cPanel running statistics. To disable cPanel statistics: Go to WHM. Search for Tweak. Select Off for all three stats. Click Save.
  18. Andy

    Setting server default timezone

    If your server reboots and you find the timezone to be incorrect, this will cause post times to be off. The fix is to run this terminal command as root. timedatectl set-timezone America/Los_Angeles Set your timezone as needed.
  19. Andy

    Amazon parser all - See description

    Amazon parser all v2.1 changes: Fixed regex issue with ASIN match.
  20. Andy

    Amazon parser - See description

    Amazon parser v2.1 changes: Fixed regex issue with ASIN match.