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    show deleted bug

    Can't see the thread deleted as the link has /$threads/... This was a case of thread deleted from moderation queue
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    Featured posts 1.2

    Few customization help needed: I am changing the title to Featured Recipe so want to add username also to look like Featured Recipe From {user} Would want to add a background image to the box. Where should I do the modifications and what exactly?
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    Title control

    Will this only effect the posts after the install or fix even earlier ones?
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    Countdown Ad On

    I setup everything fine. Yet, the block only shows title and no countdown timer
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    Bookmark Add On

    Any possibility of migrating your bookmark for XF2? Keeping the Group/user permission intact and if possible adding number of Bookmarks each user group is allowed?
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    History Add On and Pagination

    Does History Add On support Pagination that honors the global setting in XF for # of posts/threads per page? If not, what happens if one has browsed 1500 pages in one month. All listed on single page?
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    History 1.3

    Does the data persist between two sessions or is lost on logout? How many records are stored per user? TIA
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    New Content Limit

    Any plans for upgrading to integrate with permission system. For example, it would be great oif the restriction is applicable only to a certain Group(s).
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    Recommended Way To Upgrade Plugins From XF1 to XF2

    Sorry if this has been asked before. What would be the recommended way to upgrade your XF1 plugins to XF2? Upgrade XF1 --> XF2 Install upgrade your plugins on XF2 Delete all your XF1 Plugins. Or, is there some other recommendations. TIA