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    User upgrade reminder question

    Hi there, I just got an email from a user that received one of these reminder emails, and it seems that the user is addressed as "bystander". See below. .. I treied to edit userupgradereminder_message_part1 and add: ..but that did not seem to work (It did not add the username... just...
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    Email subscription, problem with "Guest" subscriptions

    Hi again Andy, I usually allow forum members only to subscribe to the daily e-mail, but this time I thought that I should open it up to guest as well. I have had some feedback from "guest" subscribers saying they do not receive the daily e-mail, and I had a look in my Mandrill control panel...
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    Email subscription 1.2 problem

    Hi again Andy, I have just installed Email subscription 1.2, I loved the plugin and used it for a long time on XF1. The XF2 version, send out e-mails with links to e-mail where the thread has been started several days ago. The threads have posts from the last 24h, but the thread itself is...
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    Bookmark 1.0 problem (my fault)

    Hi Andy, I have installed the XF2 version of this plugin, and then I uninstalled the old XF1 version... and then I realized that I forgot to import old bookmarks. :( I have the old installation still up on a different test server, is there an easy way to recuperate the old bookmarks? Is there...