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  1. Andy

    GoDaddy domain help

    If you use GoDaddy as your registrar and want to change the DNS to point to a web host other than GoDaddy, you will find these two help pages useful:
  2. Andy

    KnownHost web hosting

    Yesterday I move hosts to KnownHost web hosting. I got the Standard VPS Server. When you order this for your forum, be sure to include cPanel/WHM. The total cost with cPanel/WHM is $62.00 dollars a month.
  3. Andy

    Smilies default

  4. Andy

    How to disable cPanel statistics

    If your server runs slowly in the early hours of the day, then the cause might be cPanel running statistics. To disable cPanel statistics: Go to WHM. Search for Tweak. Select Off for all three stats. Click Save.
  5. Andy

    Setting server default timezone

    If your server reboots and you find the timezone to be incorrect, this will cause post times to be off. The fix is to run this terminal command as root. timedatectl set-timezone America/Los_Angeles Set your timezone as needed.
  6. Andy

    How to import from Trader XF1 to Trader XF2

    Instructions on how to import from Trader XF1 to Trader XF2 Start a conversation with Andy requesting the Trader import add-on. Install Trader import add-on. Add traderimport/preparetradertotrader to your forum URL. After import is complete, uninstall Trader import add-on.
  7. Andy

    Install Elasticsearch 7.6.0

    Elasticsearch 7.6.0 For Centos 7 servers. See this document for instructions: Once Elasticsearch 7.6.0 is installed you will need to execute the following command: systemctl daemon-reload To stop Elasticsearch...
  8. Andy

    Linux df command

    The linux df command is very useful to determine disk space on your dedicated server. df -h This will give you a result like this: In this dedicated server there are two drives. The main drive has 909G with 181G being used.
  9. Andy

    XF1 Cleanup Command

    If your forum was originally on XF1 and you have upgraded to XF2, then this add-on is useful for cleaning the no longer needed XF1 directories and files:
  10. Andy

    Linux ls and chown commands

    If you're experiencing an issue where you cannot upgrade your XenForo software due to a "The files are not writable" error message, this is typically a situation where the directories and files are not owned by the correct user and group. To check the user and group where your XenForo is...
  11. Andy


    A favicon is the little image you see in the tab of the browser. favicon.png - use when your forum is located in the web root. favicon.ico - use when your forum is not located in the web root. Note: The favicon.ico works properly to show the favicon when viewing the admin control panel when...
  12. Andy

    Photobucket information

    Here's Photobuckets latest rules.
  13. Andy

    Google Analytics

    Go to the Google Analytics site: Register your domain. Copy your UI-xxx ID and go to your XenForo control panel: Admin control panel -> Options -> Search engine optimization (SEO)
  14. Andy

    Unnatural attention to ads are not permitted

    Unnatural attention to ads Publishers are not permitted to bring unnecessary or unnatural attention to their Google ads. Examples of this include: flashy animations that draw a user’s eyes to the ads arrows or other symbols pointing to the ads Source...
  15. Andy

    Markup Validation Service

    This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents.
  16. Andy

    Default style gray

    These instructions show you how to create a Default style gray. View the Default style gray by clicking this link:
  17. Andy

    PageSpeed Insights
  18. Andy

    Is your web page mobile-friendly?

    Here's a useful tool for admins to verify your forum is running optimally.
  19. Andy

    Featured thumbs renamed to Featured images

    The Featured thumbs add-on has been deleted. The replacement add-on is called Featured images.
  20. Andy

    Editor button manager

    Currently the Editor button manager is hidden here: