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    Convert image 1.3 (solved)

    just a stupid error of mine. problem is solved.
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    Trader 1.7 - permission issue

    With permissions set as below users are not able to view the history (no permission although it is granted). Also the phrase "trader_view_buying_history_for" is shown instead of "View bying history".
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    Similar threads 3.1 - "Same forum" option.

    The option "Same forum" is great as we dont have to keep the "exlude forums" list up to date. However, it would be great if this option would respect the forum permission "View threads by others" - in our case we have an applications forum which is private. With this addon, users are able to see...
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    Member Notes

    Can you update Member Notes to XF2? Then I would love to get the premium membership ;)