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  1. kensonplays

    [Add-On Request] Stop From Posting Against Word Censor

    I run a Family-Friendly forum, so it would be amazing if there was a plugin for XF 2.1+ that would allow a toggle or something, that completely denies someone from posting threads, conversations, or profile posts from being sent if they have words in the Censor in the ACP. Could this be done...
  2. kensonplays

    [Suggestion] Calendar/Countdown Sync

    I do multiple weekly livestreams. I would love it if I could connect to your calendar addon, then have it pull from certain events. (maybe via a tag, or a word in the event title?) That way you could have it automatically update every week, month, etc. . .
  3. kensonplays

    Calendar Plugin - Nothing Showing

    I just got your Premium upgrade. Very good deal! But I installed the plugin, and no new menu item got added. I do use the Tactical theme by ThemeHouse, but I can't seem to find any settings to show the menu item, nor a way to 'add to calendar' on the New Thread page. Also, are Recurring Events...