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    eBay Parser 1.3 doesn't seem to be working

    Thanks Andy. I've sent you a PM.
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    eBay Parser 1.3 doesn't seem to be working

    Maybe for your userbase, but I don't believe that's the case for mine - thus the request for a feature add. ;) Exactly! Which is why my users typically post links to search results and not direct auction item links. Say a user was looking for a fuel tank for a 2009 Yamaha YZ450F, another user...
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    eBay Parser 1.3 doesn't seem to be working

    That's correct, it's a search result. Any chance we can get support for search result links as well? Our users post a lot of links to part numbers and auctions end in short time, it's nicer to be able to link to a particular part number search results.
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    eBay Parser 1.3 doesn't seem to be working

    Just installed eBay Parser version 1.3 on my forum and noticed it's not parsing the URL. In fact it doesn't look like the add-on is doing anything at all to the URL. Example link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/Motorcycles/6024/i.html?_from=R40&_fosrp=1&_nkw=motorcycle&_vxp=mtr When I submit that...
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    Bookmark Add On

    I like this idea as well, or at least an option to enable/disable the fa icon.
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    What your $25.00 dollar Premium membership includes

    @Andy, I'm a huge fan of many of your addons and really like that you've done with this your new XF2 add-ons. Such a great way to help support you, the addons and an incredible deal for use forum owners too. Low price to access everything. Nicely done!