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  1. spawn

    Unistall conversation view 1.7

    Dear Andy I tried to uninstall this addon that I no longer needed but unfortunately during the uninstallation it created some problems and now I can no longer delete it and solve the error in the admin area. How can I do to remove it? Tnks for all There are manual reconstruction works...
  2. spawn

    search in XenForo Resource Manager.

    could the advanced search addon look for in resources too? it would be interesting
  3. spawn

    how to export an addon after creating it

    I'd like to understand how to export an addon after creating it? Where should I enter this code? I'm trying in lochal host cmd.php xf-addon:export https://localhost/cmd.php xf-designer:export ? I have already enabled the development section in config.php...
  4. spawn

    update any andy's addons.

    I have a list of old andy's addons. i need to have update for some andy addons. Bookmark,Donations,First post, staff activity,first post,Search log,header thumbs,message search. Tnks. best regards Lino