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  1. andrea

    Registration code

    Hello, I'm using the registration code addon but I'd like to move the registration code field at the top of the registration form so that the user is warned that if he don't have the code he cannot register. This is to avoid someone filling all the form just to discover at the end that he missed...
  2. andrea

    Shopping cart question

    Hello Andy, does the shopping cart addon support Stripe payments? I've moved everything from Paypal to Stripe since it's far better and I'd like to use it also with your shopping cart.
  3. andrea

    Prefix listing Addon

    Hello Andy, what about an addon that let you list all the prefix assigned to a defined thread at the thread top so that the user can choose one of them and see all the discussions associated with that prefix? I've had something like that on XF1 and should be interesting also for XF2 since it...