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  1. Andy

    Featured threads - See description

    Featured threads v1.1 changes: If featuring multiple threads, widget results are now sorted by post ID descending.
  2. Andy

    Email users 1.0

    Description: Allows sending emails to users using a CSV file as the selection input. (Example of email sent) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) How to use: Go to User group permissions and select the Administrative user group. Find the Email users add-on...
  3. Andy

    Similar resources - See description

    Similar resources v2.1 changes: Now compatible with MySQL 8 and newer.
  4. Andy

    New report email staff - See description

    New report email staff v1.4 changes: Now supports send reports into forum option.
  5. Andy

    Auto notice reset 1.0

    Description: Auto resets a single notice. This add-on allows the member to dismiss the notice, but after a week it will display again. (Example of Options page) Questions and answers: Q: Do I have to create a notice? A: Yes. Q: How do I get the notice ID? A: Go to Communications ->...
  6. Andy

    Delete thread redirects - See description

    Delete thread redirects v1.1 changes: Added Limit to options page.
  7. Andy

    Remove reaction score - See description

    Remove reaction score v1.3 changes: Added template modification to remove reaction score from post article macros.
  8. Andy

    KnownHost Shared

    The shared Professional Web Hosting is really only suitable for new and very small forums. If you have a forum with say 100,000 post or more you should be purchasing a VPS.
  9. Andy

    KnownHost Shared

    Note: cPanel is already included. I suggest ordering the Professional Web Hosting which costs $19.95 per month.
  10. Andy

    Auto move by replies 1.0

    Description: Auto moves threads based on reply count. This add-on is very useful to automatically move threads from a forum where threads are created by RSS feeds. (Example of Options page) Questions and Answers: Q: When are threads moved? A: Threads which meet the options criteria will...
  11. Andy

    Expired 1.0

    Description: Allows thread starter or staff to change thread prefix to expired with one click. (Example of Expired button) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with expired_ for your convenience.
  12. Andy

    Google Cloaking

  13. Andy

    Sold - See description

    Sold v1.1 changes: Added Lock thread to options page.
  14. Andy

    Understanding shared hosting limits - inodes

    So for example you want migrate to KnownHost from another web hosting company. Determine how many inodes you are using, if the number is well below 200,000 then you can consider getting a shared web hosting. Otherwise if over 200,000 inodes, get a VPS.
  15. Andy

    Understanding shared hosting limits - inodes

    So how can you determine the number of inodes for a given directory? SSH into your server as root and at the command prompt enter the following: ls -id /home/user/public_html
  16. Andy

    Understanding shared hosting limits - inodes

    Inodes represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. Any image file, video, HTML file, folder and script file are considered inodes. Like most web hosting companies, this information is not provided upfront, but hidden in the technical information about the web hosting...
  17. Andy

    Country registration check - See description

    Country registration check v1.7 changes: Added error handling code if returns invalid json.
  18. Andy

    RSS feed - See description

    RSS feed v2.9 changes: Fixed issue with options variable.
  19. Andy

    Understanding the different types of VPS

    When a web hosting company offers VPS, there are two types, OpenVZ and KVM. Sometimes it's not obvious which type of VPS is being offered. The term "Cloud" will sometimes be used when KVM is being used. Open VZ Pros: Easier for the web host to support, it requires less knowledge. Cons: On...
  20. Andy

    Thread starter reply only - See description

    Thread starter reply only v1.9 changes: Updated template modification variable. Now works with article thread types.