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Add-on Suggestion: Alert admin if a link is added to an existing post by a new member


Active Member
Just throwing it out there. I recently got a spammer who did a bunch of regular posts. And added spam link to one of the post by editing it at a later stage. Only caught it by accident.
So just curious if an addon that alerts the admins/mods about edits (if possible when a link is added) made by a new member (with x number of posts) to his content just like an existing addon sends the content for first post by new members.
I assume this could be tackled by blocking link postings for new members? I assume this feature already is part of XenForo code. Probably would require creation of a new usergroup? Thanks.


It might generate a lot of emails, consider that a post might be edited several times.

I think the best way to combat this is to make sure you don't allow editing of posts for a long period, perhaps allow editing a post for a few hours at most.