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Add to Home Screen


On iPhone and iPad devices there's an option to "Add to Home Screen" in order to make a button which looks like an app. By default the button will be a screen print of the website. In order to specify an image you need to enter the link in the "Metadata Logo URL" as seen in the image:


The logo.og.png should be an image which is 200x200 at 72dpi. I suggest making an image directory with this file.


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i recommend using a web service like `favicon-generator.org` to generate icons for different sizes automatically from your logo. works great. it also generates meta tags for the different sizes if you want to add them manually to your core template.


I use the following to create 16x16 standard favicon.ico.


The standard 16x16 favicon.ico works very well in all situations and doesn't require any special template modifications. Just put the favicon.ico into your public_html directory.