Addon Suggestion: Add member X to member Y's ignore list


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For admins/mods. Not sure if this would benefit other users of your addons. Just putting it out here for consideration and feedback.
For me, it would come handy to create a boundary between people who tends to get into argument for example.
Not sure if this is part of core XF feature for administrators.


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Unfortunately the ignore system does not full hide the members posts, so it's pretty much useless.


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Curious what it doesn't hide? Have you submitted a bug/suggestion to XF for this?


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Curious what it doesn't hide? Have you submitted a bug/suggestion to XF for this?

When you quote a post, the members name and quoted text are shown even to those that are on your ignore list. There's really no solution to the problem.


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I'm trying to think this if I'm blocking you, and you quote me, I wont' see your post or your quote. I can't quote you because I can't see your posts...

ETA: Oh, I get it, If someone else quotes you, I'll still see your (quoted) post, which would be especially problematic with this type of add-on where someone doesn't know they can't see your posts, then see someone quote them.
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