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AdSense policies


Staff member
The following policy deals with showing ads in inappropriate areas:


In particular the "Placed on any non-content-based page" is indicating that you should only show AdSense in areas like:


Also note that AdSense will not show in areas which require a log in.


Staff member
An email I just received from AdSense

Dear Publisher,

On 9/30/2020, the Google Publisher Policies will be updated to prohibit monetisation of web pages, sites or apps that are not primarily in one of our supported languages, or that do not contain content. From 10/30/2020, we will not allow new sites to be monetised using AdSense, Ad Manager or AdMob in unsupported languages or where they do not contain content. After 3/30/2020 we will not allow any sites in unsupported languages to be monetised using AdSense, Ad Manager or AdMob.

Until next time,
The Google Ad Manager Team
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