Auto Close Thread (using start date)?


I have an introduction forum. Some members will abuse it by going back 2 months and replying to every intro and it clogs up the what's new results.. I'd like to auto-close the intro forum after the introduction has been posted, maybe 1 week.. That way any initial messages are posted and then it ages off so to speak.

Anything like that in the plans?


That's a good point. I was using that as a reference point but really it's main purpose is to verify they aren't spammers that get past the front door.. it's mostly useless info. beyond that point.

I already use that add-on for my classifieds section so pretty easy to add that forum.

BTW - all your add-ons here are excellent, it's like your reading my mind on how I want to organize my site and maintain it. Thank you sir!
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