Auto delete email confirm: Questions


I use something similar on vBulletin 4 forums. In that case, it applies only to new registrations and rather than deleting them out right it sends reminders at 3, 5, and 7 or 8 days. Then, if email has not been validated by day 10 (the exact number of days may be slightly different), the registration is deleted. It applies only to new registrations, not to previously valid members who change their email addresses.

So a few questions for your addon (disclaimer: I haven't installed this yet):

1. Does this also apply only to new registrations? For example, if someone registers, validates email, and then changes to a different email address, still with zero posts, I would be hesitant about auto-deleting that user.

2. Does it send any warnings, either to the user or the admin before deleting? If not, could that feature be added with at least one or two warnings sent? The only criterion seems to be that it must be 24 hours since the person registered. That doesn't seem long enough to me. On various forums I admin, I have seen people register and then take up to a week to finalize that registration by validating the email. It's not because they don't become valuable members. It simply means that they were busy and it took a few days to get to it, or the validation email ended up in spam and it took a few days for the user to think of checking to see if the email ended up there. At the very least, I'd like to see the length of time be a variable, an option.

3. I'm not sure what "Ignores staff." means in your description. Do you mean it doesn't apply to staff? or that the user has put staff on ignore?


Staff member
Does this also apply only to new registrations? For example, if someone registers, validates email, and then changes to a different email address, still with zero posts, I would be hesitant about auto-deleting that user.

No if a member edit their email and fails to confirm in 24 hours they would be deleted. Of course only if they have zero posts.

Does it send any warnings

No warning are sent.

I'm not sure what "Ignores staff." means in your description

Does not apply to staff members.
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