Auto-move based on prefix


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By looking at Auto move 1.0 and Auto move plus 1.1 ... any chance to get a slightly modified version which would auto-move threads based on prefix?

Threads are being posted into forum "Support". Moderators are using prefixes to mark status. Once the question/issue gets resolved moderator changes prefix (Resolved) and that thread would get auto-moved to another forum which is read-only.

Thanks !


I assume the moderator at this time does the moving of the thread after they change the prefix.


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Yes, correct. Right now moderator need to do two tasks. First change the prefix. Then manually move it to another node.


Great idea. With sports I've got different prefixes for games (IE: Post, Pre, and Game Thread.) It would be a great archive to go with the gallery where I've got this years games.


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This would be great.

We have a sales forum, we can get people to add Sold by tweaking the phrases in the Resolver add-on, and the auto lock by prefix locks them then, but it would be nice to move them out of the way of threads that may remain active as soon as possible.

It would save a great deal of time.



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Here's what I'd like to do.

I don't want to give users edit post ability which means I don't want them being able to edit threads either.

So I'm using Resolver (because i saw it before sold) to mark threads as sold. Then using auto lock by prefix to lock them. Then using auto move set for 30 days to move them.

If I could auto move based upon prefix they could be removed from all the other threads which are still open and it clears them out meaning they will get more views and perhaps a reply which keeps them alive.

Does that make sense?

BTW great set of additions to xenforo you're providing, thanks


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Works a treat!

We've put the Sold add-on in which allows users to add the sold prefix without editing permissions, this then moves them out of the forum, and then the Auto lock add-on locks them down.

Brilliant stuff.