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Best Answered 1.6


New Member
Hello Andy,

thanks for the great addon!
In our forum, however, a user should not be able to mark the first posting or his own postings as "Best Answered".

I achieved the first by inserting the following conditional into your template "andy_bestanswered_select"
<xf:if is="!$post.position % $xf.options.messagesPerPage == 0">
<xf:title>{{ phrase('bestanswered_post_number') }}{{ {$post.position} + 1 }}</xf:title>
<xf:form action="{{ link('posts/bestanswered-select-save', $post) }}" class="block" ajax="true">
    <div class="block-container">
        <div class="block-body">
            <xf:inforow rowtype="confirm">
                {{ phrase('bestanswered_select_this_post_as_best_answered') }}
        <xf:submitrow submit="{{ phrase('bestanswered_submit') }}" rowtype="simple" />
    <xf:else />
         <xf:title>{{ phrase('bestanswered_post_number') }}{{ {$post.position} + 1 }} or evaluating yourself is not desirable ...  ;)</xf:title>

Would it be possible to adapt the addon so that a user cannot mark his own postings as "best answered" and then also hide the button for them in such postings?
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