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Email list generator for exporting


Active Member
Howdy Andy,

So I have almost 22K registered users, many of which have not been on the forum in years because of the email issues I have had. Sending out a mass email to that many users can generate a LOT of undeliverable bounces. I was contemplating using one of those validating services that checks emails in your list and comes back with those that are good and those that are not.

Alas, I don't know of a way to generate an email list that can be exported from XF into a file suitable for use with any of these services. Like this one,


So this would be the first part of the request, a simple add-on that exports email address for ALL Registered Users without regard to secondary user groups.

I am assuming the validating services will provide a list of the bad addresses in a file that might then be used to flag user accounts with bad emails.

So this is the second part of the request, an add-on that would be able to import/read the list of bad emails and add the associated users into a Deadmail usergroup (primary or secondary would not matter would it?).

I don't necessarily want to delete these members. Over the years I have had many users that had bad emails come back after long absences. I would occasionally send out a mass email and based on bounces, I would manually go through accounts adding users to the Deadmail group, which is a group that basically can't do anything on the site except log in and contact the Admin. I also have a custom user title under their profile that says, "My email is dead", just to be subtle. I would also send them a PM that would be waiting for them that would inform them that they have a bad address, they need to fix it, then they need to contact me so I can remove them from the Deadmail group. All that takes a LOT of time. Automating the process would be fantastic.

So the third part of this request is for a feature that would also send a canned Conversation to these members as they are added to the Deadmail group. This message would just inform them their email is dead, they need to update their account with a working address, then they need to contact an admin to get removed from the Deadmail group.

Then, later if I decide I do want to shoot out a mass email, I can just exclude anyone that is a member of the Deadmail group, and avoid duplicate bounces on those users.

Easy peasy right...? ;)


Staff member
Seams like a lot of effort to try and get back members that no longer want to be part of your forum. Also consider that if you send to a member that has not logged in for a long time, they could get pissed and consider the email as spam, this could further aggravate the inactive member.


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It is not so much that they don't want to be part of the forum as it is that my email settings was all screwed for quite a long time without me even realizing it. I was not the one that set it up originally and I had no idea changes needed to be made when all the DKIM/DMARC stuff started being implemented. Users were not always getting emails confirming their accounts had been approved and many were not getting topic reply emails, etc,... Also, it is surprising how many people change email services and forget to update their user account on the forum with the new email. So over time, some users just got out of the habit of checking the forums.

Before the email got all whacked, I would send out a mass email maybe once per year. Folks that might have gotten distracted with life would get those emails and very often return to the site to become active again. Occasionally, I might get a few replies asking me to delete an account that had never really been active from the start or perhaps a user was no longer riding. So that is what I would do. The emails from XF have the nice Unsubscribe link in them, which I never had with the vB emails. So I guess if they really wanted to be a pain they could complain about spam.

Anyway, I have had good success just letting folks know the site is still here and suggesting they come check it out. The add-ons that send out an email to inactive users beyond a certain time limit kind of do the same thing. I've even had quite a few thank me for reminding them. Sadly, or perhaps happily for some folks, one of the most common reasons for people to get distracted and go away for a year or three is divorce... Then it seems like once the divorce is done, they get back into riding. This has happened an amazing number of times. Death in the family is another big reason. Raising kids is another (at least the first 10 years or so of their lives).

My case may be a bit unusual because the email issues I had went on for maybe 4-5 years! I suspect that if I were able to do all this once, I'd rarely have to do it again. But even if only a thousand or so emails come back invalid, it would take a LONG time to manually update all those accounts or to remove them. I don't really like removing them because I have had so many people reappear after long absences. They like having the account still intact with all their prior posts. Only rarely have I had people just sign up for a new account.

Being that my situation is a bit out of the norm, I can totally understand not wanting to put time into an add-on that might not be as widely used as others.