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Email subscription 1.2 problem


Hi again Andy,

I have just installed Email subscription 1.2, I loved the plugin and used it for a long time on XF1.

The XF2 version, send out e-mails with links to e-mail where the thread has been started several days ago. The threads have posts from the last 24h, but the thread itself is several days old.

This plugin is supposed to only include the new threads created in the last 24h, no? (Or am I misunderstanding?)



Staff member
The XF2 version, send out e-mails with links to e-mail where the thread has been started several days ago.

Remember it will include thread titles from any thread started less than 24 hours ago from the time the cron ran.


Hmm.. yes, here is an example from the e-mail that was sent out 3 hours ago (13.00 CET).

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 16.31.44.png

The first link in the e-mail to this thread:

...from Monday. A bit strange since today is Friday.




Staff member
Problem found. Internally I had it set for past 7 days. I'll fix this now and update the add-on.

Thank you.
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