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Email Subscription Doesn't Check "Receive Site Mailings"


Tested it twice. Seems to send the "Yesterday's new topics" even when I have "Receive site mailings" turned off for that user. I assume this is a bug since the weekly digest minds the "Receive site mailings" flag.




Staff member
This is by design. If a member subscribes to the Email subscription, it is something they do so by choice.


Hmm. Bummer. The challenge is when someone emails me a month later asking me to remove them. I usually just deselect select the "Receive site mailings" from their account to ensure they don't get any other emails. Is there any other way I can remove them from it?


Well-Known Member
Andy, just to confirm your other add-on - Weekly Digest does respect this setting, correct? That is important for legal and compliance reasons, since it is opt-out versus Email Subscription which is opt-in. Arguably it's important for both, although understand it could lead to some undesirable functionality.
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