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Email subscription, problem with "Guest" subscriptions


Hi again Andy,

I usually allow forum members only to subscribe to the daily e-mail, but this time I thought that I should open it up to guest as well.

I have had some feedback from "guest" subscribers saying they do not receive the daily e-mail, and I had a look in my Mandrill control panel and it seems that the daily e-mail does not go out to them. I see them as subscribed in the subscriber's lists on the plugin admin page. Some of them seemed to have subscribed as Guests even if they have a forum account, I guess they were not logged on at the time. (Not sure if this is relevant).




Did you get today's e-mail? I have heard back from at least one that was subscribed and did not get it. I looked in mandrill and I have not sent him anything since before the XF2 upgrade (Jan 17th).

I did upgrade the plugin to the new version you published last night before today's e-mail was sent.


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