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Error in Convertimageall


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Howdy Andy,

So I bumped up the number of posts to 1000 for each run. With over a million posts, I don't have the time to sit through 10 at a time inspecting each post for broken links. I'd likely die first... :p

Anyway, it ran fine doing 10 posts at a time but I got this error after a few minutes of running when I set it to 1000 posts.


Is this some kind of time out on the max_execution setting in PHP?


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No joy.

I went into WHM and the I set the max execute to 3600 seconds, hit APPLY and it came up with a message saying settings had been saved.


I then tried 250 posts, it crashed. So I tried 100 posts. Still crashed.


So I restarted the PHP service in WHM just in case that was needed for the INI changes to work and tried it with 50 posts... That worked. Tried 100 posts again, crashed, just like the image above.

Maybe it is something other than the max_execute time setting?


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Okay, so I set it to 10,000.

It will run with 50 posts.

But let me ask you this. If I run it, and I don't delete/edit threads it finds that have broken links in them. When I click "Update", do those threads get marked so they don't get picked up by the next run? Or do they just keep getting tagged every time and shown on the list of posts to update? Every time I run it, the same 50 posts keep showing up on the list.


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Oh geez... So even though I changed the max execute time in WHM, I also have to set it in cPanel... :rolleyes: Which I was not doing... I guess the WHM sets a global limit and then I have to use cPanel to set the domain specific limit.

Anyway, the question above about undeleted/unedited threads remains.


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Same posts show until you manually edit the post, or you could set the Post number start in the Options.
Hmmm... that REALLY makes me want to do this in reverse order so I can do more recent posts and work my way back through the older stuff. It is the older stuff that is much more likely to take a lot more time.