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How Google will prevent ad blockers from working


Staff member
Google Chrome is currently using manifest v2 which allow extension developers to block ads. Here's an example of such an extension:


Google plans to stop supporting manifest v2 in June 2023. The new version manifest v3 will prevent Chrome from using extensions that block ads.

There will be two alternatives, Firefox and Edge, both will still allow ad blockers. If you currently use Chrome, will you switch browsers in order to keep using an ad blocker?
Just use a service like NextDNS and block everything at the root level, then you won't have to worry about which browser to use.

That won't work on youtube because they are feeding ads from the same server as the video now so all youtube ad blocking will stop. Also dns blocking does not remove the white space and you will see a box marked ad on webpages. This is still better than nothing but adguard removes all traces of ads.

Luckily there is a sideloaded version of adguard for android but it already cannot remove youtube ads.

The best option I found is to use the Kiwi browser and install addguard in it for android. Then set it as the default browser.

On windows you can download the adguard program which removes ads on the entire computer.

There is also an adguard dns and it works on a router level but you see white space and it cannot block youtube.

So far I have no alternate for manifest v3 for people using chromebooks, it's gonna suck unless you download another browser and that is not the full chrome experience on a chromebook.

For the record, I dumped windows long ago and for personal and business only use chromebase terminals or chromebooks. I have 10 computers at work and never a virus or a problem. I have to see how this manifest v3 is going to affect my addblocking for these computers but I am confident I will work it out in the end.
There's obviously a massive conflict of interest in having a big company, Google, who are the master of online ads, allow third parties to block them. I don't know why they've allowed it in the first place. Only reason I can think of is market penetration of Chrome perhaps, as it data mines the user.