Install Elasticsearch 7.6.0


Elasticsearch 7.6.0

For Centos 7 servers.

See this document for instructions:


Once Elasticsearch 7.6.0 is installed you will need to execute the following command:

systemctl daemon-reload

To stop Elasticsearch issue the following command:

service elasticsearch stop

To start Elasticsearch issue the following command:

service elasticsearch start

Then to get Elasticsearch status issue the following command:

service elasticsearch status

You can verify the Elasticsearch 7.6.0 is running with this command:

curl -XGET 'localhost:9200'


I am running Ubuntu 18.04.3. I have updated Elasticsearch by adding the 7.x PPM, which is checked when doing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade updates (the Ubuntu equivalent to yum check-update or yum upgrade).

The PPA for Ubuntu for Elasticsearch is:


When I recently updated my Elasticsearch 7.5.2 installation to 7.6.0, the system returned an error, noting that my current Java 8 installation would not work, and that a newer version of Java/JDK was required.

With Elasticsearch version 7.5.2 and below, you could use Java 8 and higher as the runtime environment. With ES 7.6.0 and higher, Java 11 or higher is seemingly required (at least, it was when I tried to update it on my forum).

This means that you must upgrade your Java environment (JDK) to Java 11 or higher. I did this by removing the Java 8 PPA from my Ubuntu list. It has not been updated since early 2019 anyway, because of Oracle’s licensing changes relating to Java. Java 11 is the latest LTS version of Java after Java 8, and Java 8 is no longer receiving updates from Oracle. I would not recommend using Java 9, 10 or 12, as they are not LTS (long-term supported) versions of Java/JDK.

I switched over to the OpenJDK environment and installed Java 11, by adding an appropriate PPA to my Ubuntu PPA list (also: see first command below). This works for Ubuntu, Debian and relates distros. Obviously things will be different for CentOS, RHEL and other non-Debian-based distros.

The commands to add the Java 11 OpenJDK PPA, and then to install Java 11, on Debian-based Linux distros, are:

add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa
apt-get update
apt install openjdk-11-jdk

The previous commands assume you are root. If not, please preface each command above with sudo

The URL that will appear in your PPA list to be checked with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade operations is:

After installing Java 11, and checking it with the command java -version you will find that ES 7.6.x will install just fine.

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