Install XenForo - new installation


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Follow these steps to install a new XenForo

These instructions show how to install XenForo into a folder on your server.

1. Download from the latest file. Un-check the "Download the upgrade package only" option, you want to install a new forum.

2. Using cPanel go to File Manager and upload the file to your public_html directory.

3. In File Manager, select the file you just uploaded and click the Extract button. You will see a dialog like this:


Note: you don't need to enter the full path, cPanel already knows the path to your /public_html directory.

4. Once extracted you will see a new folder called 'upload' in your public_html directory. Rename the 'upload' folder to 'forums' or any other name you would like.

5. Create a new database. In cPanel go to 'MySQL Databases' and create a new database.

6. Add user to database and give all privileges.

7. Rename 'config.php.default' to 'config.php'.

8. Edit the src/config.php file.

9. Using your browser enter the URL to your new forum with the install

10. Follow steps to install XenForo software.

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