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KnownHost VPS


Staff member

Note 1: When you order this for your forum, be sure to include cPanel/WHM which is an additional $10.00 a month.

Note 2: When ordering it will ask for Hostname. Enter the domain for your forum in this format: host.example.com


Your server’s hostname (host.domain.com) is the name of your server.

Keep in mind that if you will have more than one website for a single VPS, you can choose any host.example.com as the primary hostname.


After you purchase your VPS from KnownHost, If you don't plan on installing any of the apps included by Softaculous:


you can submit a ticket and request they delete the Softaculous Apps Installer software.
I bought this hosting I moved from GoDaddy and my site improved by 3 seconds! Also very fast replies from staff on KnownHost. I can recommend this to anyone.
Folks on the XenForo forum have wonderful things to say about KnownHost. You'll have to report back in a few months with your initial experiences, @Andy !
Hi Gerry,

I've used KnownHost on other forums I own for the fast few years, KnownHost is fantastic. Speed is always fast and technical support is very fast and accurate.
I would definitely use KH based on what I've read and heard. I have gotten to know the Linode folks from a few conferences and other venues I've attended with work and met them. Linode is headquartered right up the road from me in downtown Philadelphia.
I've been using Knownhost for about a year now and it's been great. Support has been excellent with quick response times. I'd certainly recommend these guys.
Bought 2 servers on the advice of Andy, thank you :)

One for just my large football forum and the other for 10 smallish WordPress sites, saving money at the same time, so far it has been amazingly brilliant support, most I think I have waited was 16mins, that's what we need and want from a host, and they are very accommodating and will give you all kinds of advice.

Stupidly never read this post properly and named the servers with domain names I did not own, haha, schoolboy error, every day a school day.

And since I had 2 nameservers with 2 servers, make sure you do not do as I did and put the wrong details into your registrar LOL.

I am blaming adding 6 domains the days before lol and not remembering what nameserver I was adding lol.

Was wondering why the site was not getting found, was a sweaty brow moment, haha, then I twigged and checked and corrected, and on she came leaping like a salmon out a Scottish river :cool::ROFLMAO:💪