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Latest Posts Widget


I am looking for a mod, or the code to change in the latest posts widget.
At the moment, the latest posts widget doesn't exactly follow the forum permissions.

Some of my nodes are set that regular members can see thread titles, but when clicked, they get an error page prompting them to upgrade.

The latest posts widget simply doesnt show even the titles if the member doesnt have permission to view the full thread.
As my site has quite a lot of upgraded "Premium" members, the majority of new posts are in the forums that are the ones regular members cannot see the full post, making the latest posts widget look to them like the site rarely gets any activity.

What i am looking for is a fix, so forum titles are shown in the latest posts widget to all members whether they are regular or Premium members, as they are in the main forum lists.

Hopefully this makes sense.
Normally if you want to provide an incentive foor members to upgrade to Premium by providing additional forums, those without Premium membership would not be allowed to see forum and threads. In other words these Premium forums are not visible to regular members if they have not upgraded their account to Premium.
The forums and thread "Titles" are viewable by all, to show that the answers are there, but when they click the thread title they cant go any further without upgrading, and that works well for us.
The problem being that those thread titles dont show at all in the latest posts widget, so to a regular member it seems like not alot is going on, although it is in the Premium forums.

i just dont see why the latest posts widget does not follow the forum permissions.
The forums and thread "Titles" are viewable by all

In that case so should the threads/posts.

Again I suggest just not showing those forums which are for Premium members only.

What you're wanting is beyond my coding skills.