Linux df command


The linux df command is very useful to determine disk space on your dedicated server.

df -h

This will give you a result like this:


In this dedicated server there are two drives. The main drive has 909G with 181G being used.


lsblk lists information about all or the specified block devices. The lsblk command reads the sysfs filesystem to gather information. The command prints all block devices (except RAM disks) in a tree-like format by default. Use lsblk --help to get a list of all available columns.




In the above images, I'm displaying a dedicated server with two hard drives. The two hard drives are sda and sdb. The sdb or second drive is set up to be accessed as /backup.


Here is my setup for my VPS running my forum.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 1.04.29 PM.jpg

sda is the main VPS drive, where my forum software is located. It is an 80GB drive, which is around 46% full.

sdd is a 75GB "block" storage drive, which I have configured & mounted so that all attachments (the XF /forums/internal_data/attachments folder) are stored there. It is much cheaper to add and mount a block storage drive to the filesystem than to purchase a VPS with a larger main storage drive. My sdd drive is around 67% full, and I can expand it "on the fly" to an almost unlimited capacity, when it gets full.

I use an "rsync" command about once a week to sync the contents of the /attachments/ folder to a back-up folder on my computer's hard drive.
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